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How my life went to shit...


My name is Shane and I live in Hazel Park with my wife and 3 year old Mastiff/Pitty named Weller.
Over the past year, I set a goal for myself to break into the canine industry full-time, I just did not know what that looked like. I’ve been active in shelters/rescues for the past several years and spend a lot of my free time studying canine behavior and training. I love training dogs and though I have many years of dog and horse training experience, I feel like I still need to hone my skills, spending time working with professional trainers before I can feel comfortable calling myself one.

A lot of the jobs in this industry either don’t pay enough and/or do not offer a flexible enough schedule to continue working on my training.

This is where everything went to shit. I decided earlier this year that I was going to start a pet waste removal company AKA poop scooping. Though I had to swallow my pride a bit (like seriously, who does this?) I thought it would be a good side hustle and allow me to build relationships with dog owners in the area. 

Boy was I wrong, this was more than a side hustle and surprisingly rewarding. I now have 20 weekly customers in just over a month and a couple dozen other one-time clean customers. I have blind customers who’s family hired me to keep their yard clean, I have temporary customers who had surgery and can’t get to their yard for a few months, I have several elderly customers who just aren’t able to bend over to scoop anymore and I have those customers who are just too busy and want to give their pups a waste-free yard. It truly makes me happy to provide a service I had no idea was so needed.

Because of the success I’ve had and the people I’m helping, I recently resigned from my very secure, fun sales job in the beer industry and I will be treating this as a full-time job.

There are other companies in the area but I believe my customer service and willingness to tailor the service to specific needs will set me apart. 

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