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  • Where do you put the poop?
    We bag your dog waste, seal the bag airtight and discard it in your trash can or place it where you ask us to put it. If that’s not possible or desired, we can haul it away for a $4 per week fee.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No, but by accepting and paying for our services, you are simply giving Michigan Scoopers implied permission to visit your property to pick up your dog poop, clean your turf and perform our other services as outlined in our Legal Jargon page ! For canceling service, we only ask that you reach out 3 days before your next billing to cancel service.
  • How do I start?
    It's easy to start! Just fill out a quote request, we will present you with a quote, after you have approved the quote, we can usually start service as soon as the next day.
  • How do you stop the spread of waste-borne disease?
    We work very hard to prevent any transfer of waste-borne disease by cleaning and disinfecting our hands, shoes, and rake tines and covering our entire scooping basket with a new trash bag before starting the next yard. By taking these extra precautions, we remove the possibility of cross contamination of waste-borne diseases like canine parvovirus from yard to yard. Plus, by helping you clean-up the dog poop in your yard, we eliminate odors and feces that attract flies, which love to transfer disease from yard to yard or from dinner plate to dinner plate.
  • Why is your first-time clean price so much higher than the weekly price?
    Initial cleans/One-time clean charges are incurred for yards with more than one-week of accumulation due to the fact that we have to spend a lot more time cleaning. After your initial clean, the weekly scoop is much quicker and that is reflected in the pricing. If you have been using another service or have been keeping up with it yourself, the initial clean will be waived.
  • How does this work?
    After you have approved the quote and we have scheduled a scoop date, we will text you the day of, when we are on our way! When we arrive, we will walk a grid pattern in your yard and scoop every last piece of poop we can see. After the scoop, we will close and lock your gate, dispose of the waste in your trash receptacle, text with a photo of the closed/locked gate to inform you that we have finished, then we will clean/sanitize our equipment before moving to the next job. You do not need to be home thanks to our ability to keep your card securely on file through Jobber/Stripe.
  • Can I skip a service day?
    Dog going on vacation and there's no poop to scoop? Just give us a call or send us an email 3 days prior to your service and we will gladly pause service with no charge. If you're pausing due to financial reasons, please reach out to us. We would rather work with you on billing than allow the poop to accumulate which in turn would lead to higher charges when service is resumed!
  • Can we work with a dog in the yard?
    Most of the time, we would absolutely love to meet and get to know your pup. If the dog does become aggressive/protective over their yard, you will be asked to secure the dog until we are finished.
  • Do you scoop in the winter?
    Yes! Dogs don't stop pooping and we do not stop scooping. Winter presents it's own unique challenges so there can be some necessary service adjustments in the event of inclement weather. As long as it is not actively snowing, we will be there to scoop you on your regular day. If it is snowing heavily, we will have to skip the scoop until your following scheduled scoop. There are no credits given for skipped scoops as we are still scooping the same amount of poop the following scoop. You do have the option to pause your service during the winter months, but please note that there will be a spring start-up fee to remove the accumulated waste. These fees often can exceed $200+ dollars.
  • How often do you scoop?
    Most of our customers prefer a once a week schedule however, we do have other services options available, just ask!
  • How do I pay?
    We accept all major credit cards! After your initial visit when we collect your first payment, your card info will be stored in our encrypted vault on for all future transactions. Please note that our employees cannot accept any form of payment at your home.
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